How It works ?

We are a leading credit decision making platform using the power of data and technology to make your loan application simple.

Apply In 2 Mins

100% paperless, easy loan application process can be completed in 2 mins.

Instant Approval

On successful submission of proper documents, we provide instant approval.

Receive Money
in 1 Hour

Quickest loan disbursment directly to bank account within 1 hour of approval.


Documents Required & Eligibility Criteria

We don't need any physical documents from you. Just keep a clear scanned copy of below listed documents for
personal loan processing. Yes, we are that simple.

  • You must have a business, or must be a salaried employee.
  • Age Limit : Minimum : 21 years, Maximum: 58 years.
  • Must be an Indian Citizen.
  • Minimum monthly income should be Rs. 12,000.
  • PAN Card.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Last 3 months bank statement.
  • Any other documents required by the lending institution.
  • Last 3 salary slips for salaried or CA certified income statement for self employed.
  • Company ID card copy for salaried.
  • Passport size photograph.

Why Choose Roopya ?

Our credit decision platform brings the best customised personal loan plans which matches your requirements. We approve your personal loan without physical documents.

Numbers Speak

Application Received
Sanctions & Counting
Indian Cities Covered

When it comes to having a flexible financing option, personal loans are usually preferred given their flexibility of usage, minimum required documentation, quick processing time, and shorter repayment tenure of 1-5 years. So far as the Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, for a personal loan is concerned, it is determined based on the profile of the loan applicant as well as the lender. The rate may vary from 11.29% to 35%.

For instance, if a person applies for a loan of Rs. 4.5 lakhs at 15.5% to be repaid in 3 years, the EMI will come to Rs. 15, 710. This means, at the end of 3 years, the person will have to pay a total of Rs. 5,63,553, which will include the total payable interest of Rs 1,15,553. The amount that you finally pay, however, will not include any other applicable charges like a loan processing charge of 2%, which is equal to Rs. 9000 in this case, documentation charge of Rs. 500, and amortization schedule charge of Rs. 200.

In addition, if there is any change in the mode of payment or there is any kind of swapping of a post-dated cheque, the additional fees are applicable accordingly. The prepayment options, which may or may not be available, and the applicable charges may vary based on the provisions of the lending institution.

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